If you want to help us translating Concrete CMS, you can ask to join a translation group.

First of all, you need to Sign In, then simply go to the Translation teams page, choose your preferred language and hit the Join this team button. You'll receive an email when your join request will be accepted.

Once you'll be part of a translation team, go to the Translate page, and click the Translate button.


If you want to download the translations files, go to the Translate page.

You can choose a specific Concrete CMS version in the dropdown menu.

Locate the language that you need, and click the mo button to download the related language file.

Then you can save the downloaded .mo file to the appropriate location (for instance: application/languages/it_IT/LC_MESSAGES/ for Italian).

Did You Spot a Translation Issue?

Our translators do a great job translating Concrete into 50+ different languages. However, there's always room for perfection. If you believe a translation could be enhanced, please report the issues here. Your feedback helps us ensure clarity and accuracy for all users.